We continue to appreciate the breadth of developers around the globe who are integrating with Bookshare to bring accessible books to people with Print Disabilities. You are part of the socially conscious work we do here at Benetech every day, so thank you! We have numerous partners who have already integrated Bookshare into their respective programs and products; you can view some of those in our Reading Tools section on Bookshare.

Bookshare is continuing our "Beta" program our new V2 API. This API uses more industry standard conventions (OAuth2 authorization, and RESTful constraints) for increased security and easier integration. It also supports more features, including reading lists, and Assign & Read, and supports user roles that allow Membership and Collection management.

In order to directly integrate access to Bookshare books and services, please send a note to partner-support@bookshare.org to sign up for an API account and request an application key to start developing.

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